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Teaching Materials for Children  & Young People


Children's Teaching Sheet- Building the Ark

Childrens Teaching sheet - The Flood

Flood Stories

Noah and the Great Flox (part 1)

The Voyage of the Great Flox (part 2)


Creation Flash cards

Children's Bible Lessons - creation

When God Made Everything Power-point

The Wonders of Creation Downloadable children's book

Jesus Loves Me - from creation to salvation in colour 23 page e-book. (PDF)

Jesus Loves Me - as above but as a colour-in version.

Creation Stories

Adam and Eve Take a Fall.

The Ameoba That Wanted to be Human

We Are One! - A Sci-fi story for teens, making the point that we are designed creations.

The Tale of Walter & Lilly -

a short story that suggests that evolution is a joke.

Sundial, small project for children to download and print this project onto card and make a sundial. Demonstrates how we can tell the time by the Sun's position.

". . . And let them be for   signs and for   seasons, and for days and years,"  [Genesis 1:14]

NEW - The Puzzle Department

'In The Beginning' - 34 word Word-search

'Noad's Flood' - 24 word Wordsearch

'Creation'  - 32 word Crossword

Worldwide Flood Crossword from CMI -

Choices Crossword from CMI

Ten Anagrams - based on Genesis 1 to 4, with reference verse clues.

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