Genesis Resources

General Materials

Darwinian Bookmark that make you think

The Genesis Flood-50 Years On by Paul Garner

How To Debate a Creationist - material that evolutionists use

Evolution NO by Baltimore neurosurgeon Ben Carson

God the Mathematician by Dr. Derek P. Blake PhD

So what happened to Evolution, book mark

Evidence for a Young World by Dr. Russell Humphreys

If the Dinosaurs Didn't Die Out by Dr. Derek P. Blake

Dinosaurs and the Bible by Wayne Jackson

A Look at Foissil Record by Dr. Derek P. Blake

Un-Fossilised Soft Tissue found in Dinosaur Bone

The Satanic Origin of Evolution. by Ian H.Thain

Continental Break-up by Dr. Derek P. Blake Ph.D - Genesis based research on the break-up of the single super continent.

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