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Thereis so much resource material on the internet, some of it utterrubbish, but some are based in real science. On this page Iwill endeavour to post reliable links, I will also try to classifythem under subjects, the links will be to materials that arefree-to-copy, use wisely in the Lord.

Creation Science:

Core Academy of Science The vision for the new ministry has an emphasis on research and education. I'd particularly like to commend the courses that the Core Academy will now be offering. For anyone that signs up before 5th August, there is a FREE
six-session online course on 'The Historical Adam' (normally $50). Details
and registration here:

Creation Philosophy and Belief

Children's Creation Materials

Free Lesson Plans - General Christian lessons for Children

General Supporting Science

Flood Sciences

Geologic Worldviews and the Global Flood- A geology presentation in support of a global flood.

Flood Philosophy and Belief

Unclassified Links - websites with multiple links to various materials


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