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Who Lit the Fuse?

Who Lit the Fuse is a look at what happened at the very beginning of time and space, and asks, ' who or what provided the prime move.

The Bible's Hidden Science

The Bible's Hidden Science looks at the scientific statements that are hidden in full view in the Bible, facts from thousands of years ago that have just been rediscovered in the last century.  It also looks at the conclusion that we bust therefore come to.

Of Time and Space

An alternative to the extreme ages allotted to the age of the universe.

Footsteps in Stone

'Footsteps in Stone', is a new video that looks at how reliable the accepted fossil record  is; or is it just a matter of interpretation?

The Basics of Faith

Belief in a God created universe is totally basic to the Christian faith, 'Basics of Faith' explains why this is so and shows how, if we believe in evolution or Theistic Evolution, we become mere followers of a 'good man' rather that having faith in the Son of God, who purchased back our perfection.

Of men Your & Dinosaurs

Did dinosaurs really die out 65 million years ago, or did they survive in limited numbers well into the BC world. Dinosaurs appear in art, toys and decoration, also in place names and tradition across the globe. Is this from inherited memory or did the artists of these depictions actually see a living dinosaur?

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